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If you want to learn more about the sacred medicinal brew, ayahuasca, you’ve come to the right place!

You may be motivated for any number of personal reasons, but are having a difficult time gaining clarity about ayahuasca among all the hype.

Kahpi is your top resource for the most current and accurate scientific, cultural, therapeutic and spiritual wisdom about ayahuasca, presented by acclaimed experts from around the world.

Ayahuasca Knowledge & Wisdom

While ayahuasca is commonly known as a natural brew for empowering the soul and bestowing spiritual insights, it’s also a potent medicinal concoction that can provide holistic healing for the body and mind.

Ayahuasca is a proven catalyst for personal transformation with powerful spiritual, healing and therapeutic benefits.

Added to its ability to promote spiritual growth, ayahuasca has medicinal abilities that have been shown to help with a wide variety of illnesses, emotional problems, physical issues, and more.

Now, you can finally satisfy your thirst for the most factual and up-to-date information about ayahuasca with our easy-to-follow short video courses.

Undertake short courses at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. Gain wisdom and knowledge from foremost authorities on Ayahuasca Science, Culture and Spirituality.

In the Kahpi courses, you’ll receive vital knowledge in comprehensive video lessons about ayahuasca’s:

+ Vast Healing Benefits

+ Safety and Risks

+ Spiritual Potentials

+ Cultural Diversity

+ Latest Scientific Research

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and current information about the spiritual, cultural, medicinal and healing realities of the sacred brew, ayahuasca.

We discovered that many people were having a hard time separating the countless myths and misconceptions circulating about ayahuasca from actual facts.

So, we created Kahpi to provide the highest quality teachings by trusted ayahuasca authorities who bring their expertise, vast experience and practical wisdom to our courses.

Whether you’re new to ayahuasca or a seasoned ayahuasca connoisseur, we’ve got you covered with our 12 beautiful courses that contain only the wisest and most factual content.

Learn and connect with others in genuine dialogue in the discussion threads. Undertake optional quizzes to boost your mind.

At Kahpi, you’ll learn the Science, Culture, and Spirituality of Ayahuasca, along with safe usage practices, so you can confidently gain hands-on experience with this profound method for spiritual growth and holistic healing.

Since 2014, Kahpi Professor Dráulio de Araújo, a researcher at the Brain Institute, in Natal, Brazil, has been investigating the effects of ayahuasca on a group of eighty people, half of whom suffer from severe depression. “If one word comes up, it is ‘tranquillity,’ ” he said. “A lot of our individuals, whether they are depressed or not, have a sense of peace after the experience.”  — The New Yorker magazine, September 12, 2016

Professor Dráulio de Araújo ~ Teacher of the Kahpi course, Ayahuasca & The Brain.

Learn from three comprehensive and fascinating streams of ayahuasca teachings:


Ayahuasca Science

Ayahuasca Science

Learn what the medical sciences say about ayahuasca. Explore:

+ The health benefits and risks of drinking ayahuasca.

+ The differences between shamanism, spirituality and Western medicine.

+ The effects of ayahuasca on the brain, body and mind, and much more…


Ayahuasca Culture

Ayahuasca Culture

Learn about how different cultures and groups use ayahuasca. Explore:

+ The importance of ayahuasca for indigenous Amazonian people.

+ How ayahuasca experiences and ceremonies have changed historically.

+ The intercultural reality of ayahuasca in today’s global world, and much more…


Ayahuasca Spirituality

Ayahuasca Experience

Learn about how ayahuasca heals and enlivens the soul. Explore:

+ The spiritual side of ayahuasca experiences and healing.

+ The way ayahuasca spirituality is different and similar to other traditions.

+ Ways to prepare for and integrate ayahuasca experiences, and much more…