Community Support

For ayahuasca cultures to continue to thrive they need strong roots. Kahpi helps provide a strong foundation for ayahuasca by directly supporting three key organisations.

Combined with our mission of providing empowering knowledge and wisdom about ayahuasca, we support organizations dedicated to empowering traditional ayahuasca cultures in the Amazon Rainforest and the legal freedom of ayahuasca use around the world. We donate 50% of all Kahpi course earnings to:

(1) Alianza Arkana, a grassroots alliance regenerating the Peruvian Amazon by supporting its Indigenous people and their traditions.

(2) Centre for Intercultural Medical Studies(CEMI), a Colombian based organisation dedicated to creating intercultural health policies that support traditional Amazonian health systems.

(3) The Ayahuasca Defence Fund (ADF), a European based organisation dedicated to shaping a world in which ayahuasca can be used legally.

Alianza Arkana works primarily with rural and urban-fringe Shipibo communities in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon. Their programs are guided by the personal and collective needs of their community partners and are run by the communities themselves, in order to generate sustainable livelihoods for families. The main focus of Alianza Arkana’s work is centered on well-being – through improving access to clean water, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and education – to ensure sustainability and promote self-determination.

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CEMI (Centro de Estudios Médicos Intercultrales) unites over 30 academic and medical specialists to support traditional health systems in the Amazon basin, including with four unions of shamans. Their work contribues to strenghtening traditional knowledge systems by developing intercultural health and education policies and programs. CEMI designed and implemended a training course that helps Indigenous Amazonian peoples defend their health systms and the natural environments that sustain the healthy systems.

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The ADF (Ayahuasca Defense Fund) provides legal advice and support to people being prosecuted in legal cases related to ayahuasca and other ethnobotanicals. They combine the knowledge and experience of attorneys, legal strategists, policy makers, and academics to defend the rights of ayahuasca drinkers. The ADF’s long-term goal is to set influential legal precedences by winning important court cases. They are working to generate sensible, human-rights based public policy regarding ayahuasca use around the globe.

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